University Teaching

I began teaching at the University level in the Fall of 2001 during graduate school at the University of Iowa. I am currently a faculty member in the School of Arts at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. January 2023 will be my nineteenth year at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

University of Nebraska at Omaha
Art 1220 – Intermedia Foundations Theory and Practice 2
This course is a continuation of the exploration of fundamental 2 and 3 dimensional design.  The goal of this course is to provide studio art majors with foundation methodologies, skills and theories of contemporary art practices in new genre art.  Students will explore the theory and practice of new genre media: film and video as art forms, installation, book arts, performance and video by working on both independent and collaborative projects. Students will pursue the creative possibilities of blurring boundaries and creating cross-disciplinary work. This course was removed from the area curriculum and replaced with Art 1220 Digital Foundations.

Art 1220 – Digital Foundations
An introduction to digital art and design skills, nomenclature, and practice while learning aesthetics and art and design history. Students learn to balance practical knowledge with visual, theoretical, and historical frameworks, and they complete digital skills exercises that incorporate art and design history. These digital skills are then practiced and reinforced with more in-depth art and design projects.

Art 3000 Media Arts 1 / Digital Media Production
This course is an introduction and overview of digital media production for students. The curriculum is designed to provide a basic knowledge of electronic imaging and production techniques for students wishing to continue in digital media or those working with media production artists. Areas introduced will be Digital Image Production, Digital Video Production, and Animation.

Art 3150 Video Art
An introduction to video art production and critical theory for artists. The course exposes students to a variety of theoretical and aesthetic positions and encourages them to think of video as an art making process rather than mass media product. Students are required to produce a number of video art works. Production rather than consumption is stressed as a pedagogical mode.

Art 3360 Applied Design – Art Education
This course is designed to present an opportunity for recreation, education and other undergraduate students to develop basic skills, knowledge and appreciation of the arts and crafts of our culture and other world cultures in order to conduct these activities in recreational and educational settings. The course content will be individualized for the purposes of adapting methods, values, content, and media for students working with special populations or in special settings.

Art 4020 Professional Practices – BASA Capstone
This is a capstone course for the Studio Arts area that includes book arts, ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and media (2D, 3D, and Media). During the semester, students will learn the administrative component that is essential for cultivating and maintaining a sustainable studio practice in art. Activities include writing artist statements, an artist curriculum vitae alongside participating in the simulated arts activities of applying for an exhibition, artist grants, working with community organizations and understanding the benefits and liabilities of social media.

Metropolitan Community College
Beginning Photography
Trimester course of traditional black and white photography including traditional darkroom printing.

Intro to 4-D Studio
Trimester course introducing visual arts concepts in 4-D, Digital and Time Based Arts.

College of Saint Mary
Intro to Photography
Semester long course of traditional black and white photography including traditional darkroom printing.

University of Iowa
Intro to Photography
Semester long course of traditional black and white photography including traditional darkroom printing.