Artist Statement

My work explores diverse interests in personal and historic memory, landscape, cinema and a sense of place. Science has always appealed to me, but I am far too subjective to withstand the rigors of its objectivity.  My life thus far has been a beautiful and poetic mess.  At twenty, when my father was diagnosed with cancer, he gave me a camera. This had a large impact on me, and I became very fond of how the lens can frame, reconfigure and interpret the everyday world.

However, I have never been fully satisfied with the lens alone or the idea of the real story. The scientist in me continues investigating and experimenting with new tools for creating images and objects. Technology and the reconfigured image: Paints and pens, hammers to heat guns, antiquated and digital cameras, toys to electric trains, and computers, with all their 21st century possibilities. I use all of these in my studio.

If someone was to ask me what I like most about Art it is ideas.  The way an artwork and its formal constructs can symbolize a conceptual gesture, a philosophical theory or entire narrative without the written or spoken word. These are some of the things I think about when asked why I am an Artist.